GSEF Project Funding Recipients: Winter 2008

Note: these are the values of funds awarded, but claimaints may spend and be reimbursed for a smaller amount. May 1, 2009 is the deadline for reimbursements.

$2975: Speaker for GASP (Graduate Association of Students in Psychology)

$10000: Graduate Research Conference on Social Entrepreneurship

$1200.01: Society of Waterloo Architecture Graduates: Graphics Tablets

$2507: Society of Waterloo Architecture Graduates: Lounge furniture and appliances

$4500: Speaker and handbook for GSA Gender & Family Issues Committee (formerly Women’s Issues Committee)

$12122.80: Association of Graduate Geographers: Furniture for graduate student commons in EV1

$250: Graduate Association of Recreation and Leisure Studies: Research Symposium

$2300: Vision Science Guest Lectures

$300: Guest speaker for Philosophy Department

$500: Science Fiction Writer Talk (Social Innovation Group at Waterloo)

$1500: Data Projector and Screen for Grad House

$1530: Lockers for grad students in Management Science

$5000: Ontario Combinatorics Workshop

Report from the reviewers. These applications were reviewed by the GSEF Board of Directors (since Winter 2009, reviews are performed by a Project Application Review Committee instead). Out of 15 applications, the 13 above received partial or complete funding.

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