GSEF Project Funding Recipients: Fall 2009

The Graduate Studies Endowment Fund (GSEF) has announced the Fall 2009 winners for project funding.

  • $4850 for furnishing a new lounge for Architecture graduate students
  • $4050 for three public desktop computers for the Transportation Group in Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • $701.08 for a mobile camera for Architecture graduate students
  • $325 for a trip to see the activity of female politicians in Toronto led by the “Women In House” group
  • $70 for equipment in the Political Science grad student lounge

We wish to express our thanks to all individuals who put time into submitting and reviewing the applications!

Report from the project application review committee.

Initially, nine applications were received, after the revised deadline (extend one week due to lack of applications). At the initial meeting, one was rejected (less potential benefit to students combined with many other excellent projects). We discussed the various projects and what additional information was required to decide how to allocate the funds. Over the next few weeks, we compiled additional details (checking other funding situations, asking projects from a single department to be rank ordered, etc) and disseminated this information electronically. We met for a second time and decided on the fund allocations, with two projects being rejected at this stage (less benefit than other projects, and both from architecture which has received funds in the past and had two other successful applications this term). We then discussed the applications, and arrived at the final totals seen above. In several cases the final amount awarded was less than the amount originally applied for (example reasons: the largest requested project was recommended for some of the funds and encouraged to apply again next term depending on their other funding sources, projects having received funding in the past).

Note: May 1, 2010 is the deadline for reimbursements for these projects, unless granted an extension by the GSEF Board of Directors.

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