GSEF Project Funding Recipients: Winter 2010

The Graduate Studies Endowment Fund (GSEF) has announced the Winter 2010 winners for project funding.

  • $6607 for the Graduate Association of Students in Psychology to receive new office chairs
  • $3681.83 for the French Studies Revival Program, involving receiving new furniture, a new computer and a new printer
  • $1327.50 for Women in Engineering to receive funds for conducting sessions
  • $1069.40 for Collaborating Across the Disciplines to receive funding for 6 monthly symposium sessions
  • $784.29 for The Graduate History Program to receive a camera for digital archiving

We wish to express our thanks to all individuals who put time into submitting and reviewing the applications!

Report from the project application review committee.

Initially, ten applications were received. At the first review meeting, two were rejected. We discussed the various projects and what additional information was required to decide how to allocate the funds. Over the next few weeks, we compiled additional details (checking other funding situations, asking multiple projects from a single department to be rank ordered, etc) and disseminated this information electronically. We met for a second time and decided on the fund allocations, with two projects being rejected at this stage (there were concerns about a repeating project regarding the diversity aim of our funding projects, and a second request was for individual conference travel funds, which the committee believed was more appropriate to be submitted for Travel Awards, which GSEF Contributes to). We then discussed the applications, and arrived at the final totals seen above. Daniel was involved with the GASP project, and so Steve Fischer ran those portions of the meeting, without Daniel participating. In several cases the final amount awarded was less than the amount originally applied for (example reasons: receiving funding from departments, some aspects deemed less crucial to the project than others). We also increased the recommend amount to the French Studies Application, in order to provide better value and longer lasting items, particularly office chairs. Finally, one project was found to be omitted from the original ten, due to problems with the gsef e-mail, and confusing application instructions. The committee looked over this project and determined it would not have received funding this term, due to the repeat nature of the project and the diversity criteria we use.

Note: September 1, 2010 is the deadline for reimbursements for these projects, unless granted an
extension by the GSEF Board of Directors, or Coordinator and Treasurer for relatively minor

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