GSEF Project Funding Recipients: Fall 2010

The Graduate Studies Endowment Fund (GSEF) has announced the Fall 2010 winners for project funding.

  • $2330.61 for the Renovation of Department of Biology Graduate Lounge to obtain furniture.
  • $3236.70 for the Vision Science Graduate Student Lounge Renovation Project for furniture, shelving, and kitchen cabinet.
  • $500 for the Series of Readings of Canadian Plays to pay for royalties/copyright fees, photocopying, snacks, publicity, room booking, and guest speakers.
  • $350 for the Invited talks on Soft Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum and NanoComputing to provide refreshments and logistics.
  • $1500 for the ERC 2nd Floor Common Space Furnishings for chairs and a table.

  • $980 for the Transportation group Academic events and Seminar Series for Winter 2011 for refreshments and advertisement.
  • $1000 for the Data Basics: a practical tutorial on research computing for programming costs.
  • $3600 for the Hagey Hall Facelift for chairs.
  • $2000 for the French Studies Revival Program…the sequel to obtain furniture.

  • $870.30 for the Governance and the Global Politics of Food and Agriculture Workshop for supplies, lunch, and one break (food and drinks).
  • $2345.95 for the Lois Matthew Reading Room Improvement Project – Flooring & Lighting to replace the existing carpet and track lighting.

We wish to express our thanks to all individuals who put time into submitting and reviewing the applications!

Report from the project application review committee.

Initially, 31 applications were received after the deadline extension (4 made the deadline).

At the first review meeting, 15 were rejected.

We discussed the various projects and what additional information was required to decide how to allocate the funds. The Coordinator also looked into which groups were funded in the past and calculated refund rates for each group that applied (the idea is to try not to support a group that is not contributing to this fund).

Over the next few weeks, we compiled additional details (checking other funding situations, conducted site visits, etc) and disseminated this information electronically.

We met for a second time and decided on the fund allocations, with 6 projects being rejected at this stage (some were entirely rejected while others we recommended to reapply next term because some details needed to be worked out).

We then discussed the applications, and arrived at the final totals seen above.

In several cases, the final amount award was less than the amount originally applied for (example reasons: some aspects deemed less crucial to the project than others, we don’t fund unnecessary items like “gifts for speakers”, etc).

Note: May 1, 2011 is the deadline for reimbursements for these projects, unless granted an extension by the GSEF Board of Directors, or Coordinator and Treasurer for relatively minor extensions.

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