GSEF Project Funding: Fall 2012

The Graduate Studies Endowment Fund is pleased to announce seven winning applications for GSEF project funding in Spring 2012!

  • $600 to support a visiting guest speaker for a conference organized by the Philosophy Department.
  • $290 to fund meeting refreshments for the UW Mind Society.
  • $1,000 towards a gala dinner organized by the French Studies student association.
  • $1,500 for new furnishing for the Chemical Engineering grad student lounge.
  • $917 for catering and supplies for the Food Issues Workshop organized by WatFIG.
  • $1,400 to furnish an ‘investor space’ for the MBET program at the Conrad Centre.
  • $2,019 for software and equipment for the Digital Design Lab at the School of Architecture.

Report from the Project Review Committee

The project review committee received 11 applications for GSEF funding this term. At our first meeting, two of these applications were rejected – one group had received GSEF funding in previous terms for similar or identical projects/events, while the other rejected application did not have enough detail to be considered. Shortly after our meeting, another project applicant withdrew from the competition.

The committee collected further information from the remaining project applicants and conducted site visits where required. Based on these additional details, the committee chose to reject one application and voted to recommend funding for seven projects this term. The recommendation was approved by the GSEF Board of Directors on November 27th.

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