Project Title

Description of Funded Elements

Proposed Amount

Coffee Maker Coffee urn


Graduate Student Participation Initiative Gift (bookstore gift card / picture frame / ipod shuffle)


Monthly Colloquium Series Pizzas from Pizza Pizza for 4 events


Economic Graduate Student Capital Renewal Chalkboard, kettles, coffee table, microwave, printer (partial)


Conference and Student Talent Show Catering (partial)


The Case of Rudy Wiebe and Stolen Life Travel expenses of the guest speaker




This term, GSEF received nine project applications that are listed below with the corresponding decisions of the PRC. Generally, the rejection was due to lack of detailed or planned budget, sustainability concerns and limited number of graduate students benefiting from the projects, and, in some cases, the lack of focus on graduate students or relying on GSEF mainly for frequent funding.

Two PRC meetings were held during this term, the first was on Monday 21 October 2013 and the second was on Monday 28 October 2013. Based on the recommendations of the PRC members, 3 applications were recommended for full funding and 3 other applications for partial funding as shown in the table below whereas the remaining 3 applications were rejected during the first PRC meeting.


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