Spring 2013 Funded Projects

  • 14th Annual Human Factors inter-University Workshop, Lunch/dinner meal for up to 50 students, $750
  • Systems Design Engineering Graduate Common Room Furnishing, Refrigerator, microwave, kettle, dining table, coffee table, bulletin board, $641
  • Community Garden Permanence Project, Garden tools, planting items, greenhouse, furniture, $700

This term, GSEF received ten project applications. Seven projects were eventually rejected by the PRC. Generally, the rejection was due to lack of detailed or planned budget, sustainability concerns and limited number of graduate students benefiting from the projects, and, in some cases, the lack of focus on graduate students or relying on GSEF mainly for frequent funding.

Two PRC meetings were held during this term, the first on FRI 05 JUL 2013 and the second on FRI 12 JUL 2013. After the first meeting, four applications were rejected based on the feedback from ten reviewers and the remaining applications needed follow-up. After the second meeting, three applications were rejected based on the feedback of seven reviewers and only three applications were recommended for funding. The total allocated funding was $2,091.

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