The PRC received 14 applications from graduate students across main and satellite campuses, along with 5 different faculties. Eight applications were approved for funding and are listed below. Projects that were not approved for funding either were related to thesis research, funding students off campus for conferences, or requested too much funding.

Department/Project Title

Description of Funded Elements

Amount Funded

Philosophy – Waterloo 21st Annual Philosophy Grad Conference Costs of flight and accommodation for the keynote speaker

$ 1,083.00

Psychology – Training Workshop on Research Assistantship in Graduate Student Research Handbook, Workshop Leader and Workshop Development

$ 945.00

Arts – Funding for the AHS Annual Graduate Student Research Conference Luncheon, 2014 GSRC Luncheon

$ 500.00

Rec and Leisure – Keynote Speaker to open GARLS Symposium Costs of flight and accommodation for the keynote speaker

$ 1,000.00

Public Health – Canadian Obesity Student Meeting 2014 Conference space, networking reception at Grad House and awards dinner

$ 4,378.60

EGSA – Environmental Graduate Students Association Charity Ball: Roaring 20s Edition Venue, Catering, Music, Decoration and Photography

$ 1,150.00

Pharmacy – Palatable Drinking Water for School of Pharmacy Graduate Student Body Tap filter mount, tap filter replacement and Teflon thread seal tape (funded for only one term). But willing to refund if their solution works.

$ 42.44

Architecture – Uncovered Lecture Series Travel expenses, Complimentary dinner and poster printing

$ 1,791.50


$ 10,890.54

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