Information for Successful Applicants

GSEF cannot reimburse: 

  • Any alcohol related purchases
  • Expenses that occurred prior to being notified of winning award
  • If you over spend your award
  • Your department (therefore GSEF account codes must be directly applied to the purchase, we cannot transfer funds to your department)
  • If you do not spend your award by the deadline (unless you contact the GSEF Treasurer for an extension)

Other important information and tips

  • Keep a copy of all your purchases prior to sending the originals to the GSEF Treasurer
  • Receipts for submission must be itemized
  • To obtain any of the proper forms, contact the GSEF Treasurer or talk with your department secretary
  • Be throughout, if you make a mistake, the GSEF Treasurer will return for corrections
  • If you are a graduate student, you will typically be reimbursed electronically through automatic bank deposit

*The Treasurer requires all forms and receipts to be mail via campus mail. Please contact the GSEF Treasurer when forms are complete for further instruction* 

Acknowledging GSEF 

We request that you acknowledge GSEF’s financial contribution in some appropriate way; you can download the GSEF logo in one of two layouts (pdf: 1 2; jpg: 1 2) to acknowledge the award. For promotional purposes we encourage you to send in photos of what you’ve done with your award ( GSEF has a supply of stickers (approx 5cm by 10cm on a white background) we can give you to show off your purchases.

*When in doubt, contact the GSEF Treasurer*

Graduate Studies Endowment Fund • email: